Direct downloads of some useful utilities, some not readily available elsewhere.


N.B. These files have all been virus and Trojan scanned, but like any files you download anywhere, the responsibility for using them is yours. Scan everything, trust nothing!


DAMN NFO Viewer: A small utility to view NFO and DIZ files in the way they were meant to be viewed. By Ivanopoulo of DAMN.


Download now. NFO View  (173,664 bytes)

QuickSFV by Mercedes. A small and fast SFV (Simple File Verification) program to generate and check CRCs for files. Mercedes has a new website and homepage for QuickSFV with the latest versions there. Please visit to download the latest version, and please consider donating to the author, either directly or by clicking on some ads. Mercedes only asks for a buck or two, and QuickSFV is more than worth it.


Download now. QuickSFV (171,494 bytes) 16/32-bit Windows Installer


Download now. QuickSFV 64 (179,688 bytes) 64-bit Windows (XP/Vista) Installer


Download now  QuickSFV (146,215 bytes) Older version for those who can't run 16-bit installation executables.

AgentPost Version 0.99.22 By Walkin' Dude. A utility to automate posting multiple files with Forté Agent. Requires Basic Runtimes for VB5, which most people already have.


Download now: AgentPost (44,842 bytes)

SmartPAR. This is the final version made, and it is Windows-XP compatible. It is not as fast or as powerful as FSRaid, but we put it here because some people prefer its small size.


Download now: SmartPAR (44,441 bytes)

QuickPAR for Windows. This is a free PAR2 utility which allows you to use, and even create, PAR2 sets. PAR2 is gaining in popularity.


Download now: QuickPAR QuickPar- (501,363 bytes, English)

Also available at the programmer's homepage: and in several other language versions.

NFOGEN 2000 by Dave. This is a handy utility to assist you in creating your own NFO for your posts. It was created originally for use in ABCDI with CD-image posts, but it is helpful for creating post nfos for all types of posts.


Download now: NFOGEN  (844,500 bytes)

WinSFV v1.0 by Alcatraz. This was one of the early SFV programs, carried here for nostalgia more than anything else. QuickSFV is newer, faster, smaller, and more powerful.

Download now: WinSFV (371,721 bytes)

CDMage v1.01.5 and 1.02.1b5 (beta) This is a freeware program to help manage certain cd-image files. Since the developer's site is defunct, the programs are available right here. Just unpack, no installation needed.


Download now:  CDMage  (537,740 bytes)


Download now:  CDMage B (beta, 570,681 bytes) Handles more types of images.

NewsProxy v1.2 (AKA NFilter)   This is a freeware program to help filter newsgroup traffic. It is especially useful when one or more persons are disrupting the group with sporge attacks. The zip file contains the executable installer. The source code is also available in the original distribution zip file.


Download now:  NewsProxy (680,801 bytes)


Download now:  Source Code (218,391 bytes)

Lior's Cue Maker v2.4 This is a free program from Lior Chen which will generate a *.cue file from a *.bin which you might have obtained and which lacked an accompanying *.cue.  It is extremely easy to use and generates cues for most *.bin files.  Lior's homepage for the Cue Maker was at but that does not seem to be active any longer, but you can get version 2.4 below, with or without the installer.


Download now:   Cue Maker  No Installation  Lior's Cue Maker (36,388 bytes)


Download now:   Cue Maker  Full installer Lior's Cue Maker 2.4 (1,770,479 bytes)


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